Problem with electricity

07.10.2023.| 13:00

Because of the loss of electricity, we decided as follows:

1) We continue and finish our Saturday's competition if the electricity is coming back until 6 PM.

If the electricity is coming back between 4 PM and 6 PM, the competition will be re-start after 30 minutes from the moment electricity is back.

2) If at the 6 PM, the problem with electricity still persists, all unfinished competitions from today (Saturday) will be postponed to Sunday morning from 09:30. In that case, we will modify the starting time of the Senior Epee and Sabre Team Competitions in order that they will start at 12:00

3) Eventually, if the problem with electricity persists during the night, until Sunday morning 08:30, we will cancel all competitions. So the deadline for cancellation will be Sunday at 08:30.

This decision was made jointly by the Local Organizing Committee and the Directoire Technique!

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